Thai Police Clearance Certificate

Thai Police Clearance Certificate

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1. Application form for Thai Police Clearance Certificate (see attachment)
2. Letter of Authorization with the applicant's signature explaining the reason for the Thai Police Clearance Certificate and stating that the applicant empowers the Embassy to act on his/her behalf in sending the application
3. Copy of current passport identification page
4. Copy of old passport identification page (if any)
5. Copy of visa page(s) in the passport during the stay in Thailand
6. Copy of work or stay permit in Thailand
7. Proof of need of the Thai Police Clearance Certificate in the destination country
8. Cash 100 Thai baht (other currency cannot be accepted)
9. Two (2) passport-size photos
Two (2) sets of original fingerprint, which prints can be taken at the Royal Thai Embassy in Nairobi

1. Send an Email to [email protected] to make an appointment 
2. Have the fingerprints taken at the Embassy
3. Submit all the requirements
4. The Embassy will forward the request with all documets to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Thailand for the submission to the Royal Thai Police on the applicant's behalf.

It could take up to 3-4 months for the Police Clearance Certificate to be issued and sent back to the Royal Thai Embassy in Nairobi.