Guidelines to Enter Thailand / Visa Application Procedures

Guidelines to Enter Thailand / Visa Application Procedures

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General Guidelines to Enter Thailand
From 1 July 2022, registration on Thailand Pass and insurance are no longer required. (click here)

Before entering to Thailand, all travellers must make sure that they are +in possession of;

1. Passport valid for at least 6 months with APPROPRIATE VISA (if needed)
    - Click here to see general information about types of visa
    - Click here to see information on "How to apply for a Thai visa"
    - Click here to see list of Countries and Territories entitled for Visa Exemption and Visa on Arrival to Thailand...Ethiopian passport holders can apply for Visa on Arrival (VoA) at the arriving airports in Thailand and allowed to stay up to 15 days for touism purpose.
2. Proof of round-trip air ticket, accommodation, adequate finances (see 2.1), and health certificate (see 2.2)

    2.1 Adequate Finances
          According to the Thai Immigration Act, foreigners who fall into any of the 11 categories prohibited to enter Thailand (click), which Include "having no appropriate means of living on entering the Kingdom", will be denied their entry into Thailand. 
          2.1.1 holders of tourist visa, non-immigrant visa must be able to prove that they have adequate finances equivalent to at least 20,000 Baht per person (around 700 USD) or 40,000 Baht per family (around 1,400 USD).
          2.1.2 On-arrival-visa tourists and holders of transit visa must be able to prove that they have adequate finances equivalent to at least 10,000 Baht per person (around 350 USD) or 20,000 Baht per family (around 700 USD).

          In order to facilitate foreign tourists, Thai Immigration Officers conduct random inspection of foreign tourists' means of living upon arrival at all ports of entry. If the tourists are not able to prove that they have adequate finances, the officers will then consider case-by-case whether to allow the entry. The random inspection will not take place after the tourists have been granted an entry and have passed through the Immigration checkpoints.

    2.2 International Health Certificate on Yellow Fever Vaccination
          Foreign nationals travelling from/through countries which have been declared as Yellow Fever Infected Areas (click to see List of countries which require International Health Certificate for Yellow Fever Vaccination here) must acquire an International Health Certificate verifying the receiving of a Yellow Fever vaccination.
          Upon arrival at a port of entry, you are required to present the Certificate at the health control counter located before the Immigration checkpoints. It is also strongly recommended that, before traveling to Thailand, travelers register their yellow fever certificate on the online platform at (click).

Visa Application Procedures

- The applicants can choose to apply for Thai visa EITHER directly at the Royal Thai Embassy in Nairobi, between 09.00-12.30 hours on the Embassy's working days without prior appointment, OR through one of the visa processing companies (click). 

- The Royal Thai Embassy no longer accepts visa application individually sent by courier services, such as DHL, as well as visa application delivered by a random agent or rider.

- The Royal Thai Embassy accepts applications delivered by immediate family member or colleague or representative from the same company/organization. Please additionally provide (1) a consent letter signed by the applicant describing who is authorized to submit the visa application on behalf of whom, and (2) the copy of national ID or passport of the authorized person. 

- Please click here to see the visa fee and payment methods. In case of self-application, the applicant is not required to pay until the visa application is successfully accepted by the Embassy.

- Visa takes AT LEAST 2 working-days once sucessfully submitted and paid. To ensure the 2-working-day processing time, application of more than 10 passports is strictly requested to make an appointment in advance and submit before 10.00 hours. 

Additional requirement for passport holders of countries with special consideration

Currently, there are 29 countries in the list of nationalities with special consideration as follow:
    East Asia - China / North Korea
    South & Central Asia - Afghanistan / Bangladesh / Nepal / Pakistan / Sri Lanka 
    Middle East - Algeria / Egypt / Iran / Iraq / Lebanon / Libya / Palestine / Syria / Yemen
    Africa - Cameroon / Central African Republic / Republic of Congo / DR Congo / Ghana / Equatorial Guinea / Guinea / Liberia / Nigeria / Sao Tome and Principe / Sierra Leone / Somalia / Sudan

    (1) DR Congo / Somalia…Applicants no longer need to apply in person at the Royal Thai Embassy in Nairobi. They can submit 3 sets of visa application requirements in person to the visa company in the country of residence. 

    (2) China…Chinese passport holders can enter Thailand visa free and stay up to 30 days for tourism purpose until February 2024. For those who want to apply for visa (Tourist visa to stay up to 60 days or Non-Immigrant visa to attend meetings or to work), please send the passport bio data page by Email to the Embassy to check before starting the visa application.  

    (3) Iraq / Afghanistan / Nigeria / North Korea…Please consult on case-by-case basis with the Embassy by Email at [email protected].

    (4) Other special nationalitiesOnly the applicants who have residence permit in East Africa can apply for Thai visa with the Royal thai Embassy in Nairobi. Please provide the proof of residence, such as employment letter or residence permit which covers the period until their return from Thailand to the country of residence. The applicants have to submit 3 sets of visa application requirements to the Embassy in Nairobi or in person to the visa company in the country of residence. 

Some cases might need approval from concerned authorities in Thailand before issuing the visa, and the process could take at least 3 weeks. Should you have any question, please contact the Embassy by E-mail at [email protected].